Seeking info on KEPCO 615B tube regulated PS

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Hi Everyone,

I just got my hand on a KEPCO 615B tube regulated HV power supply.
I intend to trough it and replaced what should for safety be replaced.
This power supply makes a regular Heathkit power supply look like a toy.
It has 3 tung-sol 6550 , 2 5R4GYB retifiers, 1 5U4 rectifier, 2 Mullard ECC83 100 serie M, 1 6BQ6GTB, 1 6C4, 1 85A2, 1 6BA8, 1 NE-2 (never seen this one yet), 1-5881, 4 transformers 1 powerstat to adjust voltage for both B + and C-

Does any one have knowledge on these, I did found a page with pictures and online user manual files for which the shematics are very hard to read.

I am inserting a link to the page of the units as found on the affordmentioned web page, the unit I have would possibly be a latter version has it is cream or ivory rather than the early fifties dark grey.

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

According to the manual online it seems revision #4 was stating a 7581 tube in place of the 5881. Mine has the 5581 with the tube number silkscreen next to it for replacement. But then the unit I have has a higher serial # than indicated on the online manual ??

If anyone could help, it would be greatly apreciated.
I have a similar unit built by a different company, but about the same age. My suggestion is not to replace anything unless you have a failure. These were built of premium parts and should last a very long time. My unit is about 45 years old and has never had any parts replaced; the only problem it has ever had is the toggle switches got intermittent from lack of use. I exercised them a bit and they now work fine.

The NE-2 is a tiny neon lamp with copper leads. It may be the pilot lamp but I doubt it; that would be in a socket.

The tube type change was probably made more to accommodate the available types rather than improve the operation of the unit.

I don't think the Powerstat controls the bias output; that should be a potentiometer.

So when you are finished with this unit, tell me what use it will have? My unit has been taking up space and keeping the workbench from flying away for many years now. My days of designing tube circuits are probably over, and the only use I can think of is to test a unit that has no power supply with it.
Thank you Bob,

You are right about the powerstat control it has no control over the bias supply...I got carried away while describing this beast...

No doubt the assembly was made using premium parts, and with the bottom cover removed you could swear this thing has never been used, there is not even a sign of heat on any components nor dust. What I meant by going trough the unit was just to make sure most components were close the specified values, howerver I wonder if I should not replaced the 6 oil-filled capacitors (4 X 4uF / 1500 vdc & 2 X 1uF /1000 vdc) that are filled with the dreaded pcb oil. Also I could certainly use the original tung-sol 6550 and mullard serie M tubes.

I am trying to find another source for an operating manual, other than Kepco themselves, I can not afford just now the 110 $ plus shipping they ask for it.

As for the use I intend to put this trough, there was a paralel se cathode loaded 2A3 amplifier made by Noel Bonavia-Hunt using 600 vdc on the plate... I am much tempted now that I would have a power supply that could cope with these sorts of requierements

I will use it just as I use the little insuficient Heathkit PS-4, to reform capacitor In situ, rather than using a variac. And to fiddle with some idea & amplifier projects,

Thank you again for your suggestions.
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