Seeking Crackle Alligator Finish Speakers

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The frustrating part is, I just recently saw these speakers, but for the life of me I can't remember where. But I do remember it was in a discussion of an unrelated topic.

Recently in a thread that I think was in this forum (or not), someone posted a picture of some very nice speakers that had a reddish-brown (base) and black (top coat) 'alligator' finish. Though he informed us it was simply 'crackle' finish with a few coats of clear on top. It really was an impressive finish.

Does anybody remember this thread, and can they point me to it?

I was in the building supply store, and none of the sample 'crackle' finishes had this large checked alligator effect. Also, the colors tended to be more in the pastel range. I've since learned that the size of the checks or 'crackle' is based on the thickness of the middle 'crackle' layer.

I would like to find this thread both to show it to other people, and also to get an idea of the paints and processes this person used.

The speakers themselves were very nice, but if you saw this 'alligator' finish, you would certainly remember it.

I don't frequent that many different Audio/Speaker forums, and I've searched them all to no avail. If anyone remembers seeing a finish like this, I would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction.

Thanks a bunch.

Andy, thank you thank you thank you, that's it.

These aren't the same pictures, and I'm sure I've never seen this website, but that is the speaker finish I was talking about. I think this looks immensely close to leather.'s.html

I never thought I would admire 'crackle' finish on anything, but the speaker you posted links to look pretty impressive.

I think this black(blue?)/green looks very nice and very snake like. The Center channel look especially nice, but the tall tower seems to have some bad spots where the finish didn't 'crackle'.'s.html

This Blue/blue is a bit much, but still came out very nice.

But the brown/black alligator leather-look on Jay's HT System is just unbelievable.

So, thanks, those are the speakers.

But it is still driving me nuts not being able to find the audio forum where these pictures were posted. Given that I've searched high and low, I guess I have to accept it was a random group I stumbled across one time. Still, it's frustrating.

Anyway...thanks for the link.

Yes, Flaevor, if you could post or send me a photo that would be great.

If you want to send it to me directly, you can use -


I'm curious how you found this peel-and-stick material to work with. Is it easy to handle, does it stick well, did you cover the speaker with a final coat of varnish after you put the python vinyl on? Does the vinyl have any texture to it?

Any suggestions you would give to someone using this type of product?

When I built my first pair of speakers I want to use something idiot proof and a friend recommended using this stuff. I found a store that sold all of the different styles and I thought that stuff is cool and exotic and my wife was immediately sold on it. So I bought a roll and wrapped them. In my haste I made some mistakes though.

First off it looks very real. it has a real feeling texture and doesn't need to be finished after being applied. When trimming the edges I would be very careful and patient this time around. The structure causes it to not want to cut perfectly so fast cuts are a no no. Second I would probably put down a base coat that roughly matched the color and then apply the vinyl. The reason being that it can and probably will shrink a millimeter or two with time exposing the edges slightly but if it was carefully trimmed and had a color matched base coat no one would notice. Overlapping the stuff is also more of an option than it seems given the thickness and structure. I threw on a few strips overlapped on the back just to see what it looked like and it was good enough that most people didn't notice it until I pointed it out.

As for a better picture I will shoot one of the left over material and send you one to your email address.

I have scrap left over so if someone would like a small sample I could probably drop a little in the mail.

If I'm not mistaken a friend still has a 45cm x 10m roll I paid for and he never used so I may have some for sale/trade as well if someone is interested.
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