Seeking A Pair of Bozak B800B Drivers for Restoration Project


2016-03-21 1:53 am
Greetings Friends,

I am trying to restore a pair of Bozak LS-200 speakers that a friend allowed ,e to rescue from the back of his pickup before driving off to the dump on a garage cleanout rampage.

I am surprised to read that these have some respectful reviews and receive strong love on the forums. Like I need another set of speakers in my collection, but in fact, I was looking for a "bookshelf set of this size and hopefully this quality.

One of the 8" drivers has been swapped for something else, and one of them is the original "aluminum cone" driver in less than perfect condition (some puncture wounds to the cone.}

Please let me know if you have a pair of these drivers laying around that you have been itching to offload!

Thanks and happy hunting.