Second-hand Kenwood speakers question...

First of all, hello everyone. I've received a pair of second hand Kenwood LS-70B (Made in Japan, 60W rated, woofer + tweeter, bass reflex type) speakers. They seem quite nice, does anyone knows where can i get more info/feedback on them?

Now, one of the tweeters is busted, so i'll have to replace both. But, furthemore, the dust cover of the coil (the little "central dome" of the speaker itself) it's been pushed inside by someone. It makes no discernible difference for me, so, would it be ok to fix it by, say, sticking a little piece of scotch tape an pulling or something? Does it alters the performance of the speaker?

Tnx in advice.


2000-11-08 2:16 pm
To fix the dust cover problem get a vacuum cleaner and it should pop straight out.

P.S. I actually know someone that tried to fix the same problem by making a hole in the cover and then got a paper clip to pop it out. They then covered the hole with silicon. Needless to say it was ruined. :)
What i did was getting the *tinniest* needle i could find and popped the thing out, being careful not to hit the coil :) Then i replaced the busted tweeters for a pair of "USA Brand TW28", unknown for me but they matched the originals quite nice, and besides having to do a lil' woodwork, the baffles now sound amazing.