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Seattle - Peerless Vifa Misco Sony Waveguides and More

My eBay ID is "majestik6", and over the next few weeks I'll be unloading a pile of stuff. I am moving 1200 miles and my garage is ridiculously full.

The good news: these prices are really low. I'm just trying to unload everything.

The bad news: I don't take very good care of my stuff. All of the speakers are functional, but cosmetically they're rough.

Here's a list of things that I am currently selling, or about to list:

1) Misco prosound 5" woofers. In the entire world there aren't many 5" drivers with higher motor strength.

2) Some Vifa, Peerless, Tangband and Aurasound 3" drivers. These are basically part of my endless collection of small wideband drivers.

Omnidirectional Sony RDP V20IP iPod iPhone Dock | eBay
3) I have a couple of Sony 'omnidirectional' iPod docks. It's basically a knock off of one of those $2000 Beolab speakers. I'm selling it for less than $40

Two Great Waveguides for Your Speaker Projects QSC QSC PL 000722 TS | eBay
4) I'm selling some QSC waveguides. These are really killer waveguides, I just bought a whole pile of them and I don't need all of them

5) Some old school USD horns and compression drivers

:: an iPad, JBL Pro Loudspeakers, a Nakamichi Sub, and a 1U Server
6) I'm selling some JBL prosound speakers. These aren't on eBay, I have them listed on Seattle Craigslist.

7) I have some Dayton DVC woofers and some Alping Type S 10" woofers and a Nakamichi twelve. (same ad as above)