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Seattle DIY Speaker Bargains $30+

I'm moving and need to get rid of much of my DIY speaker "inventory". Any local DIY'ers looking for a bargain?

Have lots of stuff but some of the highlights are:

A pair of massive 4 cuft each sealed subwoofers (passive) using the legendary NHT 1259 drivers. They're in very solid but ugly enclosures with 1" MDF baffles and extensive bracing (they were designed to be hidden in a custom home theater). The 2 drivers alone are worth $300 and Madisound sells a subwoofer kit for over $500 each using the same driver. $150 buys the pair.

Have a pair of nice assembled unfinished oak veneer approx 1.5 cuft unused enclosures with grill frames in their original shipping boxes... perfect for a solid 8" 2 way design. $30 for the pair.

Several brand new unused drivers from Parts Express, MCM, etc. Mostly woofers including a massive 10" subwoofer driver. They're worth $200+ but $30 buys them all.

A couple pair of new unused in-wall speakers. 8" two way and 6" two way. $30/pr each.

The above adds up to $300 but if someone wants to take it all, the price is $250. Local buyers only. I can e-mail a pic or two and answer any questions if you're interested. nwavphile at yahoo dt com or message me here.