Seas W26FX001 DATS v3

Did measurements With Dats v3 on my used Seas W26FX001 woofers.
The results are not that far away from spec. A little lower VAS, spec is 162, measured 141 Liter.

The ripple on impedance graph at ca 4kHz must be the breakup of the cone..?

Also unsure if i have a good enough placement of the driver when measuring. Have the magnet of the driver placed on rubber speaker pods on a small table. Perhaps movment of the driver that is seen on the graph at ca 32 Hz…? The driver is not fastened, just resting on the rubber pods.

Have also measured my used Seas W18E001 woofers, they are far from spec, measured Fs at 45 hz, spec is 34 Hz. But they are not used for two years, so might have to loosen them up first. Any tip on how to do that using DATS?


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2012-02-10 12:12 pm

your measurements seem to be ok, the disturbance at the right from the peak also appears in seas graph, even though a little lower in frequency. You can loosen the driver suspension by exposing it to a low frequency sine wave ( a couple of Hz) in a fashion that cone moves notably a couple of mm in each direction for awhile.