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WTB Seas W22EX001

Wanted to buy
i use mine between 160hz and 1000 hz in open baffle between a 18SW115 in a tube and a nude scanspeak 10F (and above that a 17D2.2 amt) - minidsp opendrc-da8
and i wonder sometimes how to improve things but can’t really think of anything
from Linkwitz i understood it is a good low distortion midwoofer
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Yes they are good looking and have low distortion. However, a 12” with very low moving mass like the Eminence Delta 12 gives much higher sensitivity for a lot less money. But they look like crap compared to the beautiful SEAS.

Here’s the project for which I’m looking for an extra W22 - mid bass for Magnepan 1.6. 150 to 500 Hz.


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