SEAS T18REX coax trimming tweeter flange

I was wondering if anyone has ever trimmed away the tall tweeter flange on the Seas T18REX coax driver and what effects it had on the FR. I would think that tall flange around the dome would cause a few undesirable problems with ripple and diffraction. It otherwise is a decent driver but I can't help thinking it would hurt the HF performance in some way.
Hmm, the tweeter's diameter frequency is ~3668 Hz, so assuming the lip is a WG, then there's some boost below it that will go away and the slight dip/'bump up' extended HF would flatten out somewhat and presume there'd be some 'rippling' due to any tweeter/cone mismatch, but yeah, probably a bit flatter/smoother overall on axis, so of course roll off sooner off axis, which is likely why they did it and use EQ to flatten on axis.

~sqrt(7*4/pi) = 2.985 cm
~34400/pi/2.985 = 3668.3 Hz
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At least the tweeter element detaches easily and the flange is exposed to the point of not needing to worry about anything getting into the VC gap. This way it only affects the tweeter if I screw it up.


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