Seas P17RCY / Seas 27TFFC

Hello everyone!

Just found this forum and have a question.

Does anyone have experience with Seas standardline drivers?

Im useing two Seas P17RCY midbass and a Seas 27TFFC tweeter in a MMT-configuration, each chamber 18 liter tuned @ approx 40Hz


Any ideas / suggestions / tips are welcome :)

Take care, Martin @ Sweden.

currently useing this filter:
This pairing......

This pairing should be basically PERFECT for a 1st order series x-o, probably using just 3 components (maybe an extra resistor). crossing anywhere from 2200 to 3000.

Go to my web site for a read about series x-o.

Up until very recently, I have not been able to easily get the Seas Drivers over here (Australia) so I haven't actually used this pairing, but it is one that is on my list for the near future when funding becomes available.

Email me if you want to try a series x-o and need help.

Good Luck !!