Seas H1224 alu compared to Excel W18EX001?

For John "Zaph" Krutke, the Seas L18RNX/P has 95% of the Excel W18 performance. As I will buy a pair of of Seas L26, I want a detailed mid for the 260Hz-2200Hz range. The Excel W18Ex001 was my first choice but the H1224 Alu seems very promising, especialy if I want to cross at 2200 with the tweeter. If someone has compared this 2 series of drivers, it would be fine. Last word, it will be a mid in an open baffle.
well, considering detail is the wanted parameter, then i would wote for the exel.

the stamp-forged magnesium basket has a weight of 50-60% o the alu ones, so less energy storage and better detail, or at least thats how my logic work.

another point to be made, if you have the money(or not), go for the best at once. then you might not feel the need of building a new "better" pair next year.=mony saved..

either way, i would say both are very good speakers.
only heard the exel play in a pair of Thors, but they have made an impression.
I have a Excel W18EX001 in a dipol configuration and i can say it is one hell of of mid-driver - i am only having a slight problem to "melt" it togheter with an Aurum Cantus G2Si ribbon tweeter - but your aiming at 2200 Hz as cross over ( steep slope i guess ?) which should be fine

The resonance at 4,8 KHz really needs to be taken care of in the cross over.

I have also had this idea of using the W18 or L18 with a ribbon like the fountek NeoCD2.0 or NeoCD3.0. SeasL18 + Fountek NeoCD3.0 is less than 300$ for a pair at Madisound. Not too much for something promising. I don't what is the crossover point of the Veracity HT1 (Excel W18EX + G2 ribbon) from Jim Salk. If someone knows...