Seas exel series or scanspeak revelator

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Wondering what anyone thinks of these two lines of drivers.
A. Which is superior
B. Which is more efficient
C. Is there any other driver that would be superior to these two lines? ( Acuton perhaps?).
I am looking at replacing my drivers in my JSE infinite slopes, along with rewiring the crossover with some superior wire, and so It will be a five driver system that I am looking at.

Thanks in advance,
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I tried to think of something nice to say about "superior wire". But I couldn't.
As far as simply replacing your drivers in a speaker "system" specifically designed for them, with new but quite different units, well, lets just say that the statistical probability of good sound resulting is going to be fairly low. The possiblity of poor sound is rather high. Unless of course, the new wire that you use for the XO, is TRULY superior.......:rolleyes:
Bottom line: I would advise against doing so. A complete redesign of your XO and possibly your enclosure would be necessary for the new drivers you want. Could it be done? Sure. Should it be done? I'll leave that answer to you dew.



I was recently talking to a guy who works in a local audio studio (Stones Sound Studio) Down Under who supplies technical data to our local audio/electronics catalogue called WES ( In conjunction with Peerless he designed a tweeter which has remarkable on and off axis response (about 3db down at 14kHz at 30dgs), efficient (93dBm), Fs a very low 1066Hz, Sd 7.2cm2, Vas 7.1ml and the cost is a very reasonable A$42.50ea. Catalogue number is 810653. Part number is 105 DK 26 72 SF FF DM (SO1160). 130Wrms (3k-20Khz) He said it was very comparable to the kinds of tweeters you mentioned in your post without the price tag.

I haven't heard it but the guy is extremely passionate about his sound quality and I have every reason to expect it's worth a go.

I'm sure WES would post you a few if you emailed them and gave them your credit card details.

Good luck on your quest!
I think this is a pretty big project to say the least. Perhaps it would be best to sell your speakers and buy or build another model or start from scratch in some other fashion.

Maybe you could tell us what it is about the sound that currently doesnt' live up to your expectations. If you're ready to change all the drivers in the system, it would seem you just aren't happy with the design.
In response to what I don't like about them,
Nothing specifically is bad. It's just that I think it can probably sound better.
The crossover is 120db per octave rolloff so there will be very little if any interaction between the drivers.
Therefore if I get the sensitivities, and tonal qualities pretty close, it should be easy enough to integrate the new drivers into the system.
In response to getting an entirely different set of speakers.
Well... the current Joseph Audio Pearls are going for 20,000 dollars, and since I already have the same crossover design in mine this seemed like the cheaper route to go. The drivers have clearly been improved over the last twenty years in tems of linearity, and excursion, and I was just hoping to take advantage of some of the improvements without losing the value of my infinite slope crossover.

Thanks for the help on this
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