SEAS 5-tv hf tweeter


2006-07-05 1:18 pm
I have found them here for sale.

I cant read danish though. I have used a translator on this site and that wasn't much help. i couldn't translate the checkout etc parts of the site as they were secured. I also doubt they ship to australia anyway.

If anyone could read over the site and tell me if i can do this that would be appreciated.


2006-07-05 1:18 pm
sure here :)


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Seas 5TV-HF is their standard hifi tweeter.It's earlier than we all think,at least early 60's or maybe even from the 50's.Normally has a faint greenish (or sometimes yellow)color:
It's a pity you live so far away from where I live(Sweden),since the freight costs will be too high and I've got several.Maybe you'll find someone that doesn't live on the other side of the earth!


2006-07-05 1:18 pm
planet10 said:

Nice looking tweeter... i've not run across one of those.


That it sounds better (IMO) than some speakers i have heard costing thousands. I prefer it to all scanspeak and vifa's offerings just as an example.

Thats why im stressing to get these, being from 1950-60 i doubt they will be in circulation for long and what is left could very well be in poor condition. One of the ones i have has a cone that is very brittle, due to age im guessing.

**** they are an awesome tweeter if anyone ever sees these have a listen you will be surprised.

They dont make things quite the same these days.....

My goodness. No need for all that, thats for sure. Have you contacted Seas direct? Perhaps they could put you in touch with a supplier that has a few. Worth a shot.

And they could probably tell you a suitable replacement.

Found some specs on them if you do need to find a replacement:

^ Driver up the top by the looks...