SEAS 5" 2-way


2006-10-15 5:57 am
Built a pair of little speakers using SEAS Excel drivers and a crossover that Rick at Selah Audio designed for me. Fairly costly, they offer excellent sound from some of the best drivers made.

They sound wonderful. Very neutral, and with good imaging. For some folks, they will do "as is" - others will want to add a good subwoofer. Depends on what you listen to, your room and how you listen. Pipe organ fans and most rock listeners will want the sub; fans of string quartets, folk music and acoustic jazz may not need it.

DRIVERS: SEAS T25CF002 "Millennium" tweeter, SEAS W15CY-001 5.5" woofer
CABINET: Dayton TW-0.25BK 1/4 cu. ft. Parts Express SKU 302-700
ALIGNMENT: Sealed, filled with Acousta-Stuff

NOTE: R2021 is a 4 ohm resistor, shown on the left as R2021 4.5 ohm which includes the 4 ohms resistor plus the 0.5 ohm resistance of the inductor. R1011 and R1021 are showing the resistance of the inductors - do not solder resistors into the circuit for these values :D but find inductors whose resistance matches these values. C2011 3.9 uF is a Clarity cap, C1021 6.8 uF is a Solen.

Here's response on axis & 30 degrees off axis

Nearfield bass response

(Rick of Selah said it was OK to share the xover design, so I've posted it here.)


2006-10-15 5:57 am
Sound / curves

The sound is very clean, fairly neutral, very good midrange detail. Highs are extended and neutral.

Bass will be insufficient for many listeners unless you're in a small room (like I am)

The curves I've posted are measurements, not simulations