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Seas 3 Way Classic speakers + crossover


2012-01-22 5:57 pm
Hi for sale are a set of used speakers and crossovers for Troel 3 way classic :

2x CA22RNY
2x MCA12RC
2x 27TDFC
2x Crossovers

Will get some pic up ASAP the ca22rny do have some paint chip marks on the basket

looking for £280 posted for everything (UK) will also sell speakers in pairs if you dont what everything


i do have the cabinets and ill throw them in free all you have to do is pay shipping on them if you want them delivered they were cnc'd however i didnt do the best job of gluing and putting them together :D so there is a leak of air by one of the ports and the vinyl i have wrapped around it needs changing and i have over sanded in some areas trying to get the sides flush so take this into account if you want them
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