Seas 27tdc VS 29tff/w

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Hi guys

For a two way, paired with a seas 8inch, which seas prestige Tweeter would you use?
The crossover point will be 1.7khz with a notch filter.

Has anyone listened to both of them?
Which of those two has more "silkier" and more "airy" sound?

I don't want measurements, I already have an aluminum prestige Tweeter with good measuments and I really don't like it compared to a 25tff/dlg that also own. I guess 27tdc or 29tff/w would be better sounding than the old 25tff/dlg.


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the equation of a loudspeaker is one with multiple variables and they all contribute to overall sound quality, not forgetting the designer abbility. Consider a tweeter/waveguide as optimal solution, certainly better than a tweeter only.

Can you disclose more specific information on loudspeaker you are not satified with right now? Someone may be able to help resolve it, if possible.
Yes of course!.

I liked the sound of the speaker, but I didnt like the sound of the tweeter, the original tweeter was a seas 25taf/dlg. It sounded a little harsh to my ears. Α more experienced friend of mine suggested to try a fabric tweeter, so I found a used pair of 25tff/dlg and swap them, without changing anything at the crossover (I asked a sound engineer, he told me that it would work with the crossover as is, not optimally but it would work)
So, after swapping tweeters the sound was a massive improvement. Silky, airy, not harsh at all.
So the thing that I have in mind, since it was a huge improvement for me going from an aluminum to fabric dome tweeter, is to change to an even "better" fabric tweeter and then pay a visit to the engineer in order to adjust the crossover.

29tff has a built in waveguide, according to this, do you suggest that the 29tff would be a better choice?
Seas 29tff/w only pretends to be on a waveguide. This is a proper waveguide for example, Monacor wg 300, and there is also interesting Visaton wg 148r. Waveguide decreases distortion in the critical range once it is compensated in a crossover. Stick to proper waveguides.


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If it's an Fs notch filter on the tweeter and a very low 1.7kHz crossover point, you should be aware that every tweeter is different on Fs and the Q. Quite an engineering task IMO.

H1318-06 29TFF/W

H1149-06 27TDC

The simple fix on metal tweeters if you find them harsh is to fit a Zobel network across the tweeter terminals. 7.5R and maybe 0.68uF in series. Rolls off the top end quite a lot.

These are all 91dB tweeters, so I suppose are fairly interchangeable. But I'd keep the volume down with 1.7kHz crossover. FWIW, the H1318-06 29TFF/W seems to have long tinsel leads, so perhaps is more suited to low crossover.
Lojzek whilst I have faith in the seas engineers, indeed the 29tff pretends to have a waveguide, not even close to a real one.

System7 of course a visit to the engineer after I change the tweeter is mandatory, but as I said before, I want to find the best sounding tweeter before I go to the engineer.
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It's an Al/Mg alloy dome, and it does not sound "like a metal dome is known/thought to sound". The HD is ultra low, and it is immensely clear and clean. The main reason I mentioned it (despite your stated textile preferences), are your references to Seas units, and this is a new and incredible sounding device.

Different sorts, different folks,
I've heard both tweeters, and the CDC also sounds quite good. However- I feel the Seas 27TAC/GB has the edge in better HD performance. I have not measured the HD of the CDC, but in listening the TAC gave me a wow moment. I like them both!

I'm still in the implementation stage, and plan on experimenting with an ultrasonic notch, consisting of 0.22uF/0.15mH/1.0 ohm across it. I likely won't hear it, but I'm keen to see what performance differences occur with or without.

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