Searching Junilabs Digital Decoder Pro


2012-02-19 1:03 pm
I intend to build up a DAC with a non oveersampling configuration. I want to use PCM 1704 and the Pass D1 I/U-Stage. For the section in Font of the PCM1704 I found the kit for the Digital Decoder Pro unit at the Junilabs-homepage of Eric Juaneda. With this unit the realisation of my project is possible. Unfortunately Mr. Juaneda informed me, that the kit or the PCB for the DDP are no longer available. This is really sad...... The parts are easy to get ... but not the pcb.
So my question is, if perhaps someone has got such a kit and would take some pictures of the pcb for me (upper and down layer). I intend to route the pcb with eagle. thanks for any help.