Searching for the loudest 1x18" Subwoofer 30-120Hz

For this, I'd get the PA 18" with the most excursion and power handling available, and put it in a massive horn.

I ran a Faital 18XL1800 through Hornresp to see what could be done. With a very large front-loaded horn, it'll crack 144dB at 30Hz. 35Hz is excursion-limited to 141dB, and above 40Hz, you're passing 145dB.
These are all single-driver, ground-plane, with a large amplifier. You lose a couple of dB at 30Hz if you limit to 3200w.

The down-side, of course, is the size of the box: 8366.5L, or 295.5 cubic feet. Hey, you did say "regardless of size".

Hi Chris,

well that is something, i am ideally looking for graphs of already existing Subwoofers, i have mad a promising measurement yesterday and i would like to know if i can keep up with the best Subs out there. I will post my graph as soon as i get back to the PC where it is located.

its a large cab, 129x60x92 cm and loaded with 18" IPL BandC speaker.

i wonder if there are any Danley 1x18" for example that somebody have made 1w/1m SPL measurements ? Or any other ? Looking forward. greetings
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Perhaps a car audio driver with sufficent power handling and excursion and a huge amplifier could beat the Faital at the 30Hz point by using its greater excursion capability. I would link to a driver on databass but the site seems broken, very expensive though!