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    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Searching for the Audio Amateur 1/1981 Article on Marantz 7


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The Audio Amateur copyright is still enforced. Someone posted issues and was told to take them down. We should support publishers who support authors and not wildly pirate articles.

A little birdie tells me that rilke1999 has the information now.
It is a shame that Elektor is "enforcing" the copyright on issues that are no longer available for purchase, as in the old days of Old Colony Sound, which sold paper copies as long as they lasted, and then CDs for each year in the later years when electronic page setting became the norm. The 1981 AA issues and Glass Audio issues have NEVER been made available for purchase as electronic files, to the best of my knowledge (but I may be wrong as I stopped my subscription several year after the AA empire was sold to Elektor.

I am not advocating breaking the law, but neither would I defend the enforcement of copyright for those old issues - assuming they are no longer available for sale from the copyright holder.

I should also say that it is a national tragedy that Congress has bent to the will of extremely powerful and monied corporations to extend the US copyright period to the life of the original author plus 70 years, 90 years or 120 years. The US Constitution provides that the copyright period shall be for "limited times" to "protect the progress of science and useful arts." Article I, Section 8, Clause 8. I, for one, do not believe that the Founding Fathers intended "limited times" to extend to a period that can be as much as 200 years or more. Nor do I believe that the advancement of arts and sciences is either protected, advanced, or encouraged by such long copyright periods. Query this: take any significant book, magazine, comic, movie or musical composition of the last 100 years. Do you really believe that the author/composer - whether an individual acting on one's own or as employees of a corporation - would NOT have created the work of art but for a 200+ copyright period?
Thanks for the effort and they only charge 2€ for it. It might be discussable if these 40 year old articles should be transferred to a more open license, but even if though I have the article know whispered from a bird, I ought it online. I like the idea that they make things available on request. Thanks for asking them !
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Journals like AX are not rich, its an ongoing struggle to stay afloat with minimal staff. Trust me, I know.
So, even a couple of dollars now and then help.
Those who want to rip them off or try to steal illegal copies will of course be the first to be outraged and call them stupid if they would fold.

You want to pay $ 100 for a boutique snake oil cap but not pay $ 2 to actually know what's going on in your circuit? Really.

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$3.00 is a very affordable and reasonable fee. Elektor made it available for legal download. Let us thank them for doing so. As the article is available for a very reasonable fee (especially when considering the time and effort necessary to scan pages individually), I completely support doing so.
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No question that $3 is reasonable. My point is even if that was one person doing the task of scanning, editing, and adding it to the web store, how could selling a few copies be worth anyone's time? At that point I'd just publish it freely.
It is a business. Elektor purchased the assets from Old Colony Sound Lab. Selling value is part of the "long tail" and I applaud and support businesses doing so if they make the products available at a reasonable cost. As you agree that the cost is reasonable, can you also agree that we should support Elektor on recognizing the long tail and making the issue available?
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Thanks for the update. I have not followed AudioXpress for many years now; when Elektor took over I stayed with it for a few years but was highly disappointed with the content. I am glad that CC has at least seen fit t make the old issues available at reasonable cost. My underlying position remains the same.
Full disclosure: since late last year, I am part of the AudioXpress team as their Technical Editor.
My main focus is to increase the technical content. So, if any of you guys has an idea for an article, be sure to let me know!
It's quite a thrill to see your own name over a published article!

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