### Searching for PC Audio Lab Software

Hi all,

i´m looking for a (very) old Audio Testsoftware named "PC Audio lab" that works with old pc´s with 386/486 cpu´s and a simple Soundblaster card.

I Know it give better and Newer Software, but i have a old laptop, for that the software was very good.

I have look in the Internet, but only find a demo of the PC Audio Lab 1.1 for Dos, but nothing other found about this software and i look first for the "PC Audi Lab for Win 95/nt" version and second for the old dos version.

Can Anyone help me ? Has anyone this old software and i can buy it or knows anyone where i can download this old Audiosoftware (Win and/or Dos version as fullversions) or knows anyone a company that sell this old program at this time.

Contact me at dirk_kam(at)gmx.de

I am grateful for every help