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Unfortunately to hook a monitor up to a video source it is going to take quite a bit more then just a "cable". Monitors run at different resolutions and refresh rates then a standard television. Therfore that is why a box is needed which does all it's electronical stuff to make it higher res and correct refresh.
VGA-only = Cheaper, besides, what about Macrovision?

VGA-only panels (with no s-video) inputs are cheaper. Quite a bit cheaper, actually.

If you get one with s-video in, you're very likely to suffer from macrovision problems I gather.

So in either case you may need a line doubler ($80-$140) to kill the MV and go to VGA.

So if you need a line doubler anyway, which will take you to VGA, why not save on the panel and get one w/o s-video?

This has just been my reasoning lately. I'm also shopping for panels for the first time.
Macrovision shouldn't be a problem.

If you get an LCD OHP panel with S-Video/Composite inputs, it should be able to take a DVD signal, macrovision and all.

Macrovision only comes into play when you're recording a DVD onto video tape, or routing the DVD through the VCR if your TV doesn't have composite inputs. (Most built after 1992 do)

BTW, composite inputs are the Yellow, Red, and white jacks.
MV is a problem, apparently

Do a search for "Macrovision" in this forum. You will see that quite a few people are having macrovision problems just trying to watch a DVD on their panels.

I'm apprehensive about spending more money on a panel that accepts s-video if macrovision will require that I *also* buy a line-doubler... that defeats the purpose of the (costly) s-video input.

It is entirely possible that some panels eliminate macrovision and some don't. I'd like to know which ones those are!