Searchable database for DAC lists

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One comment ...

I looked for CDM2/29 and came up with no results.
you have to look for cdm-2/29 which is a strange way of doing it (as far as i am concerned)


You're correct.

There seems to be some confusion over the terminology.

The Phillips mechanism is referred to both CDM12 and CDM-12 (not to mention the CDM12/x variants).

I will look at improving the search however I'm not quite sure how I can do that as yet!

Thanks for the feedback.
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Now fixed.

Removed '-' and spaces from data - so searching for CDM4/27 will give you just that.

Searching for CDM4 will give all the CDM4 variants e.g. CDM4/27

Searching for CDM will yield all CDM mechanisms of various model numbers.

Searching for TDA1541 will show all CDPs with TDA1541 DACS (and the variants, e.g. TDA1541-S1 etc.).

You can also search for burr brown etc.
very nice, this has been needed for a while.

Suggestions? how about increasing it to DVD players as well, since many use them as CDPs? How about adding a field for op amps?

How do you update it? Is it open to the public, or do we send info to you?


I can add additional fields, that's not a problem.

Would be very time consuming to add each and every opamp used (there's over 2000 entries) however it could be done. I may look at automating this, but not sure how...

I can export the database to a .csv file, where it could be manipulated in Excel - maybe an Excel expert could come up with some magical macros (assuming somebody can provide the opamp data).

As for updates, I have restricted updating to myself for obvious reasons.

But I will be happy to accept updates via email and enter them into the database. (It's a trivial process).
Database and application now available for download.

I'll continue to add requests - but if anybody is interested in hosting this database and associated web pages I'll be happy to make it available for download.

It seemed logical to have a single database in one place as a reference, but I have no issue if anybody else would like a copy. After all, the data used is sourced from various place son the web.

All it requires is a server with PHP and MySQL - it's currently running on Linux, but I can see no reason why it wouldn't work on Windows with php/MySQL (or a 'WAMP' stack.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.