Sealing tweeter off from other drivers

How important would you rate doing this?
I actually have seen only one implementation and that in Rod Elliots own build but it makes sense to me as then I don't need to screw the tweeter face plate down tight.
No photos yet but we started making the bedroom speakers boxes yesterday. In the next day or three I need to have the midrange compartment finished so that I can start on the baffle, adding in a short section of ply, chipboard or MDF at this stage will be simple and cost nothing extra except a little time setting up the saw.
More isolate the tweeter from the pressure of the big woofer, sometimes when a tweeter faceplate is tightened against the baffle hard enough to prevent leakage it warps. but more to the point the small screws rip out of the timber and I have been unable to find 3mm T-Nuts
Einric I would be loosing 210cc, the woofer is in a Qtc 0.656 box so the loss is small
There are brass screw insert in very small sizes that can be used and are much better than any T-nut that you can use. Look for a listing for threaded brass inserts made specifically for insert into soft materials. The will usually have two types, a fine threaded outer thread and a coarse threaded insert. Only use the coarse threaded inserts in a wood such as MDF and you can add a spot of epoxy glue to make sure they can never come out. As far as the loading from a bass speaker pushing out the tweeter of stressing the screws this would never be a problem in a vented enclosure and really would be pushing it even in a sealed enclosure. The mass of the magnet assembly will more than counteract the vibrational and air pressure loads on any practical dome tweeter that I have tested. Many of the better dome tweeters will use an aluminum front plate.


2003-08-03 11:43 am
Hi Moondog, I did it too. But my build was an MTM so it was easy to make three separate compartments, one for each driver. I figured that splitting the box in three was good from a bracing point of view as well. I haven't even screwed the tweeters in they are just a press fit.... I must get around to doing that one day :rolleyes:



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