Sealed, Ported, Crossover? - Boombox Design


2019-07-26 2:31 pm
Hi All,

I'm currently in development of a "boombox sized" speaker using a Bluetooth amplifier I've been working on geared towards high fidelity sound with the aim of being portable enough to carry from room to room. Most the time it will be used in a bedroom environment.

I have two of TB's W5-1685 mid-bass drivers (W5-1685 - 5” Woofer - TB SPEAKER CO., LTD.) and two of Seas' 27TDFC tweeters. I was initially looking to add a sub-woofer powered through its own dedicated amp but that is looking to be beyond the scope of this project (at least in its first iteration).

My question is what are the communities suggestions with regards to enclosure design (ported or sealed) and at what frequency would you crossover to the tweeters? I have built a similar design in the past (see attached image) which was a sealed enclosure with two of Dayton Audio's RS150P-8As and two of their DC28FS-8 for tweeters. I was happy with the sound but do feel it lacks in the bass department. Not sure what the best approach is here or if I should bite the bullet and design in the subwoofer from the get go. I want to keep the sound tight and punchy which is why I have stayed away from ports thus far.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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