Sealed cabinet speakers


2001-05-15 7:13 pm
This one prolly has been addressed here before but thought to throw it out there anyway, hope y'all don't mind. Being an amature, this is what I am understanding from here and reading other sites on line. Seeing how ported speaker boxes enhance bass response at the cost of some accuracy, sealed speaker boxes have less bass response but higher accuracy. I have a nice powered JBL sub woofer and don't need as much bass response out of my left and right front speakers. What I want is cleaner, LOUDER sound from them. Something with a 10 inch driver, three way speaker set up. Am I on the right track here? If so, do any of you folks out there know where a guy can get some plans for a sealed box three way speaker? Would LOVE to build my own! Thanks for any advice or information you can toss my way

Check out the Dennis Murphy MBOW 3-way. His web site is:

I have made his MBOW1 and it is terrific. The cabinet for the 3 way is a 2 cu ft box with the 10" woofer on the bottom and the modified MBOW1 in a separate enclosure on top. You can of course, design your own single cabinet. Also, check out the cabinets of Jim Salk at:


Fred Buck
2 x 2 cuft bass boxes for use with a subwoofer is not a good idea IMO.

A 10" 3 way is probably not necessary.

A sealed TMM 2.5 way or MTM 2 way with 6.5" units should be enough.

For really high power handling you'll need an active crossover.

However this design may suit your purposes well :

Though the box construction needs to be juiced up.

:) sreten.