SE10 by ORGASM MACHINES (single ended el34 guitar tube amp)

This is AX84 P1 inspired single ended El34 with ecc83 guitar tube amp
with really good selected components.i thins it sound really nice on clean but when it goes up gain over 4 its a more fuzzy that i like .i think that the problem is the OT tran it can not put together the bass-treble and middle some how they dont glue together.i test the same schematic with not so good components with a hammond OT tran and it was ok when the amp goes to overdrive(over 5 gain).it was really nice but this one with the Giatras OT its more HIFI so it has more bass and more treble that is nice on clean but when it overdrive they dont glue... so we make a little less hifi OT and hope to find the sweet spot. so far this is what i think... tell me what you think about that.