screwed up my DAC?


2016-04-28 3:52 am
So I was trying to add a volume control to my DAC. My soldering skill sucks. I unsoldered the original line-level RCA output, soldered on 3 short leads for left channel, right channel, and ground from the PCB.

Before proceeding further, I did a check with a multimeter. What some reason the resistance between different leads is always 0: left-to-right, left-to-ground, right-to-ground.

So I unsoldered the new leads, and measured the resistance between the soldering points on the PCB directly, and the resistance between the leads is still 0.

My question is, did I somehow completely shorted out the line-out circuit? Or is it really supposed to have 0 resistance between left/right/ground when the thing is off?

I attached the picture of the original connection, and the aftermath. The hand drawn right arrows points to left and right channel output; the ground is next to them.

I really liked this DAC, hoping to be able to salvage this operation.


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