Screens for DIY projector


2002-06-13 12:32 am
Im interested in what everybody is using for a Screen for the DIY projector projects. After looking over E-Bay the prices are pretty high for a us people trying to keep the costs down. I had some thoughts of getting some High Gloss Paper from a printing company and putting it on a lightweight back ( panelling, styra-foam (spelling))... Or some white High gloss panels that are used in bathroom walls (showers) if they have pure white ones. Currently i noticed my cinder block wall makes the Image fuzzy, while flat white paper clears the image up, but i think im lossing alot of the brightness of the image.

So any cheap ideas?

Electric roll up screens in a large size are expensive though, I'm getting prices of 1.3K to $2k. Ouch!

(We have a regular projector, non DIY). I really like the idea of a tab tensioned screen, although I have to admit I haven't seen one in person. The manual tab tensioned screens have a dumb looking metal crank.

== John ==
Oh, by the way - we are using a gray bedroom sheet on a couple of 10' boards for a screen temporarily. It works fine. It works even better if I iron the sheet :D

Mind you, there can't be much light BEHIND the sheet, and I do have a 2000 lumen projector (it's the Hitachi LCOS / reflective LCD), but it does work.