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I came across this site by going back through the forum


It looks like an intriguing site but I wondered how you would go about ordering components, as it is written in German. I've sent an email, but no reply. Has anyone had experiences of ordering stuff from them.

I would appreciate the feedback.



Any help from our German friends?


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They are a well-established parts dealer specializing on audio. They are extremely slow and they didn't ever answer my last request for a quote. On the other hand, they are dead honest, to the point of sending back DM 10 I had sent them for their paper catalogue they were suddenly no longer allowed to distribute because some competitor had complained (never understood what the problem was, though).

They state that they ship abroad, examples of shipping costs to Austria and Holland are around 16? each. They will quote you the exact amount including shipping by fax or e-mail and ship the day they receive advance payment. If you send them a detailed request for a quote rather than more general questions, they should answer. If not, call them - they will speak some facsimile of English....

Good luck!

Schuro trading

Hi Eric,
I am very unhappy with Schuro. They don't answer my email written in German. A other inmate in HongKong speaking German, actually he is from Germany, mailed them several times but got no answer either.
Two years ago I ordered parts via my uncle who lives in Germany and that worked well.
However Schuro never answered the request for a pricequote my uncle did.
I like there low prices and they have a lot of items.
Is this company in trouble or are they so busy they can't keep up with the orders?:confused:

I have no idea what the trouble is with them. I also find that their severeral dozen price lists which are in various states of update or rather non-update, are very confusing. For example, they still sport a special offer list dated March 01. How am I to know what they still have?

Maybe somebody should mail them the link to this thread.

If anybody needs anything urgently, I recommend calling. Their toroid transformers with electrostatic and magnetic shielding and auxiliary windings for the input stage of a power amp are first rate. Also, they may be the only source for small quantities of CS8414 in Germany. Maybe I'll venture another order with them at some point.


Schuro? ha ha ha

i send them an e-mail, ordering several pieces, but after two weeks -got no answer and no pieces (resistors and capacitors)

I send them an new e- mail with:mad: content.
After further two weeks the same..

The a man of Schuro mailed back and excused him for too much work they have...and he told me i should try it in aquarter year:eek: :eek:

I bought my resistors elsewhere...

I guess I have mixed feelings about them.

I tried for a couple of weeks to talk to them by phone by I could never manage to get through: I've always gotten a busy signal.

Then I e-mailed asking for a quote on some materials plus some technical info on some items that I couldn't locate on their site and I didn't get any answer for ten days.
Since they were the only ones I could locate in Europe carrying what I was looking for, I started resending the same mail once a day (and sometimes twice a day!) until I've eventually gotten an answer. :D Three weeks had passed from the initial mail, though.

However, when I sent them a firm order based on their quote, they came back to me within a couple of days and they sent me the materials on the same day they received the payment for them (wire transfer, they don't accept anything else).:(

The material turned out ot be perfect and of the highest quality. I particularly recommend their high-end toroidal transformers, I couldn't find anything better in Europe.
Plitron might be a suitable competitor in the US, but freight and customs will kill you if you have them shipped to Italy.

In the end, I have to admit they are disappointingly good!

It sounds like they are not exactly a shuro thing. I do invite everyone to check out their great collection of data sheets. Send them an Email telling what a wonderful selection of parts and data they have and that you bought the parts elsewhere. Tell them thanks for the infomation though! Keep these great links coming.

BC Components Capacitors

Any one have experience with the electrolytics from BC. I found a source suplus for the P2A 50V 10,000 uF and the specs look good. The BC electrolytic appear to be very popular for High End audio in Germany. I may be able to offer a limited quantity of these for US and canadian consumption.
Thanks to all that have responded as it has been much food for thought (and slighly amusing). It is rather sad that there are many that have been disappointed by Schuro's service.

Thanks for the warning. I'm gonna check them out myself by putting in a firm order and take it from there.


:) :(


I can only say that when you order something, they sent it very fast. I´ve ordered many things (resistors, trannies, l-clock, opamps etc.) and I´ve never had any trouble.

On the other hand, when you just ask a few questions you´re e-mail is ignored. When talking to them at the phone (just try for an hour or so......:rolleyes: )they say they just can´t answer all the mails and have enough trouble managing the orders. You can ask all your questions on the phone and they answer all they can. They are never unfriendly and seem to take all the time you need.

oh, the prices they ask seem very reasonable.

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