SCHOTT Pulse Transformers

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Hi Jocko,

S22133 is no longer available from Digi-Key. This model has interwindig capacitance of only 2pF and would be perfect as pulse transformer.

The only part available is S22160, however its interwinding capacitance is < 15pF.

What is your opinion on S22160?

Would other brand / model be more suitable?

Thanks ble0t,

I noticed that S22160 (15pF) looks the same as S22133 (2pF) except there is no provision on S22160 to ground the ferrite core via pin 2 to GND.

Question: How is ferrite core connected to pin 2 internally? We are talking high frequency ferrite - soldering is not possible here.

Desirable 2pF interwinding capacitance could probably be achieved if someone could tell me how to ground this core. we can all enjoy high quality pulse transformers!

Here we go again..........

You want the one with the higher capacitance. The lower one will have more leakage inductance, and that is a pain to compensate for. The guy(s) who tell you to use low capacitance are wrong. Especially the ones from Crystal. Remember, these are the same clowns who put a Schmitt trigger input on their RX chips.

The Pulse Engineering one is ok. I have used it in an emergency. But it doesn't work as well, mainly because it has higher leakage inductance.

Why would you want to ground the ferrite core??????

Yes, our buddy did find the right one. I wonder if I gave him enough hints?

Thanks Jocko,

I'll try S22160 and also get some AD8561AN to give Elso's buffer a go with no coupling caps. I’ll use them in his clock as well.

I want to stop paying A$370 for XO3's and start making Elso's clocks - they look good, I have high hopes. Elso's clock also gives two outputs; normal and inverted which is very useful.

hi all,

when I design for my DAC.

I found & test several pulse transformers & found Scientific Conversions is better price/cost ratio .Sound also quite good.

Another was Audionote permalloy with silver wire, sound was sweet but detail little not good!

Finally I use Nickel base nano amorphous core with 6N copper wire.

sound was detail than AN but less sweet than AN.

But I will say better than Scientific Conversions.

take a look of the photos.

left was mine , Nickel Nano, right was Ag wire AN permalloy core.




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