Schlumberger-Solatron 7075 DMM Manual


2009-11-08 7:19 pm

maybe it is similary to the 60xx series from Racal-Dana.
I have only small info from this series.

7071+7081 is Solartron but the 7075 not.
7075 has the typical Dana case.

But in these times they worked all together ...

Schlumberger - Solartron - Racal - Dana - EIP -
Enertec - Wavetek - Willtek - CRC - Acterna
as an update, I now have a set of PDF's of the full Manuals of the Solartron 7075, with the exception of part of Section 9 which deals specifically with the 70754 BCD Interface.
A note of thanks is due to another diyAudio Member for this.

Now only looking for a 70755 GPIB Systems Interface Manual to be able to complete the 'set'.