Schematic needed for Niles SAS-1

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I recently purchased a Niles SAS-1 Source switcher from ebay.. The speaker level switching works fine but when I try to use the Voltage switching from the switched outlet of my Pioneer Elite receiver, the switching stops working - i.e. regardless of volume level etc, the SAS-1 refuses to switch to the receiver.

Does anyone have a schematic or any other hints that can help me troubleshoot ? I am capable of opening up the unit and getting going with a DMM and soldering iron.

Thanks in advance...
Post a picture of the back of the unit to jog my memory.

I am thinking the SAS uses line level switching as well as speaker level. In other words... you can send speaker level signal or line level signal from two sources and it will switch to the live source and pass that source.

You have got me lost when you are mentioning using the switched outlet from your unit. Are you trying to power the unit from the switched AC outlet from your receiver?
Replaces manually operated A-B switches
Audio power handling: 600W per channel
SAS-1 is capable of switching speaker-level, line-level audio, and composite video signals
May be configured to use any of three trigger signals: Audio, Video, or Voltage
Exclusive signal-detection circuitry ensures reliable operation
Control input for voltage activation (5V-30V AC/DC at 20mA)
12Volt control output for activating other Niles devices such as a SPK-1, AVS-2, AC-3, APC-2 or RFS-1
N.O. (normally open) relay contacts for controlling devices such as electric screens, lifts and drapes
Relay contacts rated at one amp, 30V max., AC/DC
Premium gold-plated RCA connectors and nickel-plated five-way binding posts
thanks for your info - i did not input 120V into the control input - the wall wart that comes with the unit outputs 16VAC and that's what i used

Yes, that will power up the unit. To control switching using a voltage the voltage must be applied to the control input.

Try using your wart to power the unit. Now take a 9 volt battery and apply that voltage to the control input port and see if it switches.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.