scanspeak M1 ?


2009-05-02 9:24 pm
Has anyone ever build these ? - Making of M1, Page 3

Some rather old design using for monitoring , Looks OK to me but im considering also the CSM monitors from Troel Graveston using the same drivers only with the vifa XT25 tweeters .

I just have an option to buy the M1 with cabinets and all at a reduced price and i wonder if its worth it .

I think Troel mentioned the 1.8KHZ XOVER point is too low , what are your thoughts ?
I bought some speakers using these drivers that were supposedly Wimslow Audio Vogues. When I opened them up it became apparent that all was not right (very different crossover and the cabinet was sectioned to reduce the volume by half). Anyway to try to improve things I built the M1 crossover and used this in the Vogue cabinet. The internal volume was similar to the M1 but the cab was ported and the driver placements were not the same.

I have to say that I was pretty disappointed. The mids sounded very closed in possibly due to the full bsc used. Bass didn't seem to go very low either. Obviously as my cabinets were quite different to the M1's this might not be a true representation of the M1.

I eventually found the proper Vogue crossover and made my Vogues into real Vogues. Much better to my ears although they still seem to be missing the low end a bit.

What midwoofer did you use? Scanspeak 18W series are quite incredible for bass. Just for kicks I built a 50L ported "boombox" 2 way bookshelf using the 18W8531G00 and the F3 was 27Hz in large room! Outperformed my 10'' peerless XXLS sub. =O


I think Troels's designs are better documented and could sound better than the M1.
I used the 18W8545 and the Vogue internal volume is ~30L. My room reflections introduced a massive 'void' at about 50Hz which certainly didn't help matters.

I'd agree that Troel's designs should sound better. I considered building the Amish which uses the same drivers as the Vogue but the hassle of building a new cabinet put me off. Maybe one day I'll give it a go.