Scanspeak Discovery 10F/8414G-10

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This is the "cheap" ScanSpeak 10F. The ones we have are the more expensive 10F/8424G.

The less expensive driver looks like it will be more suitable as a full-range, you should be able to get it to go lower, the pricier driver is more a midrange.

Althou quite good our feeling is that the pricier driver is too expensive for what you get. It doesn't go as low or as high or able to present the same amount of low level detail (does not have as good a DDR) as some of our similarily priced, similar size treated drivers. I am holding a pair of one of these drivers (FF85wk) stock so that we can compare the 10F (and other drivers) to the less expensive stock units.

As a FR the less expensve 10F holds more promise. It looks much the same but with a smaller magnet. That raises the Q (and lowers the efficiency) allowing for greater LF extension.

Chris had to give up his FF85wKeN at the office for a client and has substituted the pricier 10F. He keeps asking when he can get another pr of FF85wKeN. The other drivers worth considering are treated versions of Alpair 5.2/6p/6m.

how good are they?
I think planet 10 was to try a pair.
anyone can report and compare to other fullrangers

Hi, I use a pair de 10F/8414G10 since a few months.
With a 18W Revelator and an D3004 Aircirc Illuminator,
X-over at 340 Hz and 3.4 kHz.

I think this driver is not for listening at high levels. Otherwise, its overall sound makes it one of the most pleasing, relax and detailed medium I ever had at my home. Very high quality for the price.
I can't compare to any other FR drivers since I have scant experience in this field, but I'm quite impressed with these in a prototype FAST style desktop/nearfield setup crossed at ~300. Very open and detailed presentation, and to my aging ears not obviously lacking in upper-end response. I'm happy enough that I'm proceeding to drop the $$$ to formalize my desktop system around them - I'm going to try the Blanda bowl approach with the 10Fs, and bass duties will be handled by a pair of L16RN-SL (eventually crossed to a sub around 40-50Hz)
In same boat as xrk971 have not tried 8414 but have the very fine 8224, but for 8414 think data looks good here are some objective/subjective data links:

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