ScanSpeak D2905/9900 Revelator vs ... ?


2001-11-12 10:27 pm
Hi all,

Which tweeter has the same quality as the SS Revelator ?
I really love the detailed sound of the Revelator but It can be sometimes too sharp.
So I'm searching for a other tweeter but with the same outstanding quality as the Revelator.

Can someone help ?


2001-03-06 3:07 pm
the new SS ring radiator maybe? hmm vifas ring radiator is claimed to be better than the revelator.. i dont know but its dirt cheap...i have orderd some drivers for evaluation i really love the revelator... i get back to u when i have compared them (under similar circumstances)

I have used the 9900 also, and yes very detailed but can be edgy sounding. Others say to use well designed LCR which can reduce the detail & attack but smoother sound.
For a few more $ try the Raven R1 ribbon tweeter, very smooth, more extended, infinite detail, but not sure if it images as well.
I hav'nt heard the Vifa XT25 referred to below but the local supplier admits its only as good as the 9300 & 500 tweeters but costs much less.
Another one to try is the Hiquphon tweeters at

Ask around/read on the discussion board, lots of good comments & very reasonable cost for Hiq tweets.


2002-03-10 8:50 pm
I would look into the Accuton tweeters. Maybe the C2 12.

As for the Seas Millennium, those that have compared at Madisound say the Millennium is not much better than the Seas Excel....I have not heard them against each other, so these are not my opinions.