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Scanspeak 18w/4531 pair mids & 2904 -60000 3qty

Product Brand & Model: Scanspeak
Midbasses 18w revelators - 18w/4531 mids PAIR Excellent Mounting rings also

Tweeters Condition is Excellent 2 of the drivers have some silicone around the backs of them, this was to seal in place and reduce hi frequency resonance
SS 2904-60000
3 tweeters, one more tweeter just like these pictured, in the new style boxes, These are special order drivers.




Condition of all items: used - in excellent condition

Total Price: :
midbasses 320.00 Pair
tweeters $340 for all 3

package for all $560.00

Shipping Terms: : CONUS included anywhere else on your dime

I'll put pics up in a few days
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