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Scan Speak, SB acoustics, Fostex drivers sale 30psc

Hello, I’m selling some drivers . PLEASE note they can be sold ONLY in EU countries where parcels do not cross airport security check) Roughly 30% Woofers and 10% tweeters shipped worldwide was returned as dangeruos materials and shipping costs was not returned. Wire bank transfer or Paypal (add 5%) are acepted.

1) 2psc Scan Speak D3806/820000,NEW never used ,only took out for measurements (box/packing have storage damage) 90eur/psc (MSRP 180EUR/psc)

2) 2psc Scan Speak D2905/990000 tweeters. They have new replacement domes from scan speak fitted, one edge of the flange are cut to make it closer to woofer. I can glue/weld and repaint it. 85eur/psc (MSRP 220EUR/psc) SOLD

3) 10+ psc Variuos Scan speak 18w8545/18w8545K /18w4545 (4ohm) Paper carbon clasic series woofers and MIDRANGES (built for Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 7/8 speakers) 70-90eur/psc (MSRP 140-400EUR/psc)

4) 2psc Scan Speak 12M/4631 COATED cone version (center dome was sligtly pushed) 115eur/each (MSRP 260EUR/psc)

5) 4psc Scan Speak 18W8530K00 COATED cone those were 4 ohms versions(built for Alpine F1 status speaker system) but coils replaces with 8 ohms- GENUE scan speak parts. Very light loctite glue is used for repairs 80eur/each (MSRP 200EUR/each)

6) 2psc Scan Speak R2904/700005 tweeters, have some sratches and marke on flange magnets 120eur/psc (MSRP 300eur/psc) SOLD

7) 2psc SB Acoustics SATORI MW19P-4 used for measurements and less 10 minutes playing test 100eur/psc (MSRP 190EUR/psc)
8) 2psc SB Acoustics SATORI TW29DN-B nealy new with boxes ,used for measurements and less 10 minutes playing test 100EUR/psc (MSRP 150EUR/psc) VERY EFICIENT tweeters, perfect match with Fostex 8 inch SOLD

9) 2psc Fostex Fostex FF225WK 8" nearly new with boxes ,used for measurements and less 10 minutes playing test 130eur /psc (MSRP 170EUR/psc) please note – they are NOT fullrange drvers - unless you are 70+ years old and have accelerated presbycusis.

10) 2psc Fostex FF165WK with boxes ,used for measurements and less 10 minutes playing ,one of the drive was modified ( remooved dust cap, and glued back with ultralight glue- frequency respone is same as other driver,measurement swill be included if needed) 80eur/psc (MSRP 110EUR/psc)

11) 2psc [/B]Dayton Audio DS270-8 [/B] 10 inch woofers. [/B]nearly new, with boxes ,used for measurements and less 10 minutes playing [/B] 60eur/each (MSRP 85EUR/psc) SOLD
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Hi, yep those are midranges, custom made to Wilson Audio. Ataching measurements I made in 2010 vs stock driver of scan speak (same measuring conditions, 1V input at 20cm, normalized to 1m/ 2.83V input)


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can you please elaborate on Scan Speak 18W8530K00?
I cannot find any 4Ohm version.
Was that custom made and you recoiled it with 8Ohm coil?
That requires refoaming/reconing as well? Do you have any measurements of these drivers?

they are coated cone of scan speak revelator 18W. they were "born" as 4 ohms versions form factory, but in ~2010 speaker design I needed 2x 8ohm in paralel= 4 ,so voice coil was replaced by original revelator VC just 8 ohms instead of 4. I can make measurements. they are not differs from stock and could be used any any designs that require 18w revelator 8 ohms.

the mids was 12m revelator, and tweeters 70005