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For Sale Scan-Speak Revelator drivers

Things you have for sale.
Dear diyAudio readers,

I am selling a bunch of Scan-speak Revelator series drivers. All of them had been used once and only for testing. Overall they are like brand new, minor scratches inside mounting holes because of the screws. PM if pictures are needed.

The drivers on sale:
  • 2x 28W/4878T00 (subwoofer) (700eur retail) 500eur/piece (can be sold separately)
  • 2x 22W/8851T00 (woofer) (350eur retail) 250eur/piece (will be sold olny as a pair)
  • 2x 18M/8631T00 (midrange) (250eur retail) 150eur/piece (will be sold olny as a pair)
  • 2x D2908/714000 (tweeter) (600eur retail) 400eur/piece (will be sold olny as a pair)
All prices are final at the moment and exclude shipping costs. I can ship worldwide, however would prefer Europe.
Pictures added below. All drivers include original packaging.

28W/4878T00 (subwoofer) below

22W/8851T00 (woofer) below

18M/8631T00 (midrange) below

D2908/714000 (tweeter) below