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Scan Speak Drivers


2003-04-04 11:40 pm
I have one Scan Speak 23w/4557 sub with the black cone and the matching passive radiator also with black cone, both new in box. Work well together in a very small enclosure (1cu ft.) yielding response down to 25hz. Very high quality drivers, retail for $297 and $128 at Madisound, sell both for $350 plus shipping. I want to sell them together, won't separate and prefer not to sell international.

Here is the info from Madisound on the 23W:

The Scan-speak 23W/4557T is a very high end subwoofer, designed to be used with a passive radiator in a small enclosure. This sub has a very rigid aluminum cone, low loss rubber surround and cast frame. The passive radiator is similar, but with a weight attached to the bass of the cone. The 23W/4557T is using the SD-1 motor system. There are gold plated binding posts and the woofer is covered by a decorative rubber cap.
Frequency response with the passive is down to 25Hz. One cubic foot sealed has an F3 of 33Hz.

Sensitivity 2.83V/1M 82 dB
Free air resonance Fs 20.5 Hz
DC resistance 3.45 ohm
V.C. inductance 0.45 mH
Power 225 W
Effective cone area 232 cm2
V.C. diameter 50 mm
VC height -
Air gap -

Lin. & max. excursion ±13 / ±20 mm
Air gap flux density -
Force factor BL Product 9.3 Tm
Moving mass incl. air 101 g
Net weight 4.6 kg
Vas 45.6 ltrs
Qms 4.8
Qes 0.52
Qts 0.47

Outside diameter: 255mm
Cut out: 225mm
Depth: 135mm
25.4mm = 1" = 2.54cm

Use as is or with 23W passive radiator.