Scan 3 way


2003-07-17 3:29 am
Ok, so I gots me some 25w/8565-01 SS drivers for bass (2 per side) The mid is where im coming unstuck.
I have on hand a pair of 18w8531 mids, speced at 87db sens, but by my calculations my woofers when run in parallel will yeild 88db (allowing for 6db of loss into 4pi space)
Should I stick with the SS mid (and its poor dispersion above 2 khz) or move to a Seas w18ex?
TIA Beau.
My partner and I used the Scan Speak 25W-8565-01 in our three way design. We have had good results with the Audio Technologies modular units for our midrange both the 4"' and the 5" have great promise.

We used a revelator for our tweeter so all three drivers can trace their roots back to Mr. Skaaning or son!

On the 8565, beware that peak at 2500 Hz, it sounds awful, we notched it out (it needed to be down about 25dB before it became inaudible) and ended up with very good bass, extended lows, detailed and reasonably fast (the advantage of a 10" over some of the large diameter woofers you might otherwise use to get true 20-22Hz extension).