SB Audience


did anybody of you have experience with SB-Audience-driver?
I did not know SB Acoustics is now going PA.

The 6-Midrange and 15 inch woofer took my interest:
SB Audience :: NERO-6MRN150D
SB Audience :: NERO-15SW800

The mid-range has an unbelievable high BL²/RE/MMS-Ratio of 2,47 and does also include a demodulation ring.
Seems to be maybe a good candidate for "Power-Hifi"-Midrange from 200Hz-2khz and maybe an alternative to other 6,5-midrange candiates like PHL 1120 and AE TD6M.

Does anybody have more background-information about the company SB audience?
Could not find any information about them in net.
SB Audience - From their home page -

"The SB Audience business branch aims primarily at the Professional Sound Reinforcement industry and sits side by side with SB Acoustics and SB Automotive."

SB Acoustic are very well regarded for their hifi speakers especially their Satori range. This is their Pro/PA speaker range brand by the looks of it.
Not much online presence. I believe they are still too new/not in distribution yet.

The Nero line looks to be designed very well. Good impedance control on even the largest sub they have. I expect them to measure and sound as good or better than anything else in their class.
This is however a driver that looks like it might be interesting to experiment with.

SB Audience :: SB10PGC21-4

That does look interesting for $16.50, approx 2.5” cone mid in a 3 way, only the 84dB sensitivity and 4 ohm let the side down a bit. But double up and go active, add a 23mfcl or Dayton rss210 up to 300Hz and a 26adc from 3kHz would make an interesting proposition.
The SB Audience 12" open baffle woofer fits a need for a project nicely, so I have two on order. I plan to use them in a demi-dipole loudspeaker. This will use a closed (or possible vented?) box subwoofer below 100-150Hz, and a monopole dome tweeter above 5kHz (?), thus the "demi-dipole" name. In between I will use the 12" (BIANCO 12OB150) in a baffle, and a 4" or 5.25" midwoofer mounted at the upper corner of the baffle. Let's see how these plans develop once I build and measure...
I received my SB Audience NERO 12OB150 woofers today. Packaging was pretty good - more like the typical stuff for pro drivers than what you get for home audio, but plenty for protecting the contents. SB included a "roll" of gasket tape, which I guess you would use to seal the frame to the baffle, except this woofer is intended for an open baffle system. The tape has no use, but it's a nice touch.

The magnet does not have a pole vent - it's closed at the back. Instead there is a large space above the top plate and below the spider, and this has large slots around the outside of the frame. This should let air in and out from the gap and voice coil for cooling, and this might even be quieter than a pole vent. I will listen for noise when I do some high excursion break-in around Fs.

One thing I did notice, which is a little disappointing for me but not a deal breaker, is that the basket rings. It's a stamped steel frame and there is nothing to damp it. If I hold the edge of the frame against my body and then try to ring the basket by tapping on it, the sound is much deader. Hopefully that will be the case if the frame is screwed down onto a baffle, but I like to use drivers without any baffle at all. Unfortunately that will not be possible with this driver.

Because of the stamped frame the OD of the mounting flange is not as large as other 12" drivers I have used. It think it is more than 1/4" smaller than e.g. a cast frame 12" that I recent bought for another project. On the upside, the cone looks nicely done and the treatment should provide good internal damping. I hope to do some distortion testing on it in the near future.
this CD as model Bianco-44CD0PK seems an interesting driver ~60bucks price tag.


B&C DE250 rivals for have the price?
Try some single-sided tape (as in double-sided tape) on the insde of the ribs that should help diminish the ringing. Some folk use Blu-Tak.C.M

I think if I use a ring of wood (around the frame, where you would usually screw it into a baffle) with some smaller wood "fingers" glued to it that touch the ribs of the frame that will be enough to deaden the ringing.