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HI Guys.

just got my hands on the new SB Acoustics Satori TW29r tweeter which just only been released recently, an 8 inch woofer and a SB ACOUSTICS SB29 RDC 0004

I was amazed to find that these great drivers are made around the corner from me in Surabaya. I live and work in a luxury business hotel in Surabaya.

As per below the Satori's have found a new home in my floorstanders.

So the plan is to do a 2 way version of the 2 drivers and see what we can cook up.
I have no measuring equipment and normally build my series crossovers by some calculations and mostly by ear. As my past efforts have all been done this way and i am very happy with them.
I would however be interested to get some input from the gurus out there that have some measuring equipment to suggest some crossover topology's.
cheers all and hope to get some great ideas..
2 way using the following

PS. I could be persuaded to do my first parallel topology if someone is convincing enough.

box volume on my test box is 450mm high x 210mm wide x 250mm deep. all measurements internal.
I will try and work out the volume after work but if anybody can assist that would be great.


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I got impatient and installed the SB Acoustic Satori tw29R into my floor Standers replacing the Vifa XT25.
On initial listening tests without crossover mods they are much much better than the XT25.
Wow the detail is amazing. The XT25 are 1/4 the price of these Satori's but I think it was worth the money.


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The philosophy.
take a bullet proof tweeter and cross it fairly low to take advantage of its off axis response and to filter out the break up of the 8inch woofer around the 5khz mark.

On the right track?


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A classic vented box for the SB23NRXS45-8 needs a volume of 50-70 litres and reaches easily below 40 Hz. But since you are looking for new ideas, my proposal is completely different:

How about trying a closed box? Some people get convinced and never return to a vented loudspeaker again. Accidentally the woofer works very well in your test box, all you have to do is to seal or stuff the port. Combined with a crossover, which inevitably uses a parallel topology :)D), you get a nice alternative 2-way. Wouldn't it be interesting to compare that speaker with your previous constructions?
Hi Dissi,
Agreed with your suggestion. I will get a cabinet maker to make a slightly bigger box around 30lts and use it as a sealed design. the test box is a bit of a squeeze for this driver as the baffle is not quite wide enough for the 230mm driver.
will keep you updated on the progress.
and thankyou
Hi chef,

I am planning a similar project with the same drivers. I have the woofers from another project and am waiting on the tweeters from Solen here in Canada. My plan right now is to try a sealed cabinet of 0.75 cf or approximately 25 l. It is to be a learning process so I will try different crossover arrangements starting with basic second order at 1500hz. I don't have any mica or software so this will be entirely seat-of-the-pants development. I may try some foam core prototyping for the cabinets first, maybe not. Sounds dicey for a sealed arrangement but you never know!
Greetings John,

Thats great we are doing the same project. We can swap notes.
I am currently testing the SB29 in my Test box of 25litres using it with an 8" peerless polyprop woofer. I am going ti try and install the SB23nrxs today. i have to cut hole bigger in the cabinet as it is a big sucker. I also plan to stuff the port first and fill with poly fill to increase the volume and see how it sounds.
I am currently using a series crossover with the tweeter crossed quite liw but 3rd order electrical and the woofer on a 2nd order topology.
Sounds detailed but smooth at the same time.
Meet the Batavia's.

full Homegrown Indonesian product. (well apart from the crazy Aussie Chef that's building them)!

Had a little trouble with cutting the hole larger in the bathroom, The dust set off the fire Alarm and I had the whole Emergency response team at my door... So was a little embarrassed to tell them I was cutting wood in the bathroom of our 5 star hotel.

Back to why we are here.
So far I am on to my second CD and I am impressed with these magnificant drivers. What a beautiful detailed mid range these SB23nrx have. The tweeter is sweet sweet sweet.
Awesome drivers for the money. I am going to freak out the hotel manager when I start loading up my rooms with speakers....

I am going to try and get a factory tour of the production line. Need to do some networking or give away some free lunches :)
Hi John,

yes it was a bit of a laugh having 8 hotel staff looking into my room with a dining table full of capacitors, inductors, soldering irons etc. I think they thought I was building a bomb.

I had the time to try some crossovers 4 variations last night. I think that the 25 litres is definately not big enough for this driver if you want low extended bass right down to 25/30hz. I don't require this as I live in a hotel so can't start vibrating the floors and walls with super deep bass anyway.

The bass they to produce is deep enough and smooth enough for my needs at this stage.

I found if you choke the SB23nrx with to much inductor they lose too much mid range clarity. So It was decided not to try and push for deeper bass at the expense of mid range. They really sing in the mids and as I mentioned to Henry on the Seas CA21 thread, they really are Scan speak quality and level of refinement.

I use carpet to line the internals. Working in developing countries does'nt give much access to proper resources so you have to use what you can get your hands on. Once I used thick black foam from commercial air-conditioning and it was awesome. I still use it in my other 8 " design.

I will keep trying the crossovers and adjust by ear and let you know how I am getting on.


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