SB Acoustics Textreme

Someone know , when could we buy some Textreme drivers from SBACOUSTICS ?


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I'd read that already. That is just advertising bumf with no technical information and as such worthless to inquiring minds as ours. What most speaker builders want is quantified data rather than manufacturers advertising speak.
I have a few carbon fibre woofers here and they are different; I was hoping for some real information in advance because as there is as yet nothing relevant on the SB website
There is nothing available because the units aren't available... yet. As woolf_teeth pointed out, mid November. I've been waiting for a long time myself to get my hands on some real data. But what I do find interesting is that they are using the Satori motor.... maybe that's some indications - aka if SBA is using the Satori motor for the Textreme then perhaps they know something we don't :)
Who knows, maybe the Textreme is good enough for a larger woofer in the "Satori lineup". Satori is their best range and perhaps the 9½ is a form of limit because above that size there is too much issues. I'm not talking about large woofers in general, just what they consider to be required for the Satori line. And besides, one can always use multiple drivers, isobaric etc. to increase the output per given volume. There are many way's to skin a cat.
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My benchmark for small woofers is the old Vifa M22 6 Ohm version, so far nothing from SB approaches the smooth bottom end of those.
The bigger 12" subwoofers are OK
12'' SB34SWNRX-S75-6 :: SB Acoustics
so I am wondering what effect a CF cone would have with those
Also I like 16R woofers so I can run 3 drivers in parallel and there is very little out there at the moment but I admit to being a dinosaur with a fondness for big speakers.
Stiffer than titanium and lighter than paper might be a winning formula tho
Beryllium woofer, but it would be immensely expensive. Nothing beats a large Sd when it comes to visceral feeling, its just how things are. Using multiple drivers is not the same, but it has other advantages. Its difficult to design the "ultimate" loudspeaker, but no one said one can't use large(ish) woofers. :)