SB Acoustics SB20FRPC30-8 (8" Fullrange Cheap Monster II)

I installed SB Acoustics 8" Fullrange(SB20FRPC30-8) in TQWT.

Well-extended bass.
Natural mid and high range with little grating.
High quality throughout the all range, and the performance is above the price.



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That sounds terrific and contender for best recorded loudspeaker sound at Youtube. I'm impressed. (right now I'm on cheap Oneodio cans Peace-Eq-ed to the Harmon target - will try later with Hifiman HE400x4 and T50RP-w. Brainwavz pads) that''s a wonderful recording and very joyful sound with the drums -drumstick/cymbal/piano nuances.

btw I could use some drum tracks (jazz preferably) to evaluate some of my Karlsonish toys - would you have recommendations ?

I don't Know a best drum track.
Introducing My Favorite 4 CDs.
I used Helge Lien this time.

Good Vibes-Jazz at the Pawnshop3 / ARNE DOMNERUS GROUP (PRCD9058)
The Best of Fourplay (EVSA765M)
Live at The Village Gate / CLARK TERRY (CHESKY JD49)

Oh, Baffle Step Correction Circuit.
I have never used it.


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BG20 has a soft sound, an average texture, and a weak treble. Adding a magnet will increase the sharpness and texture.

SB20FRPC30-8 is sharp enough not to be offensive to the ears, and has a wide range with a lot of information.
It doesn't change much even if a magnet is added.
It is strange that magnets of the same size are used.

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Thank you for the report.

I have been interested in this driver since they announced it a long while back. Production was stopped due to manufacturing issues. Hopefully those are now resolved, and the world will soon have access to this driver. Looks like it will be a hit for SBA.
After completing original Coral specified horncabinets for Coral-Beta-8 drivers, I had to realize, that these great old drivers had expired their lifetime. Sound was great for the most part, especially a very open high frequency, and the cabinets does a fine job for the bass. But at certain frequencies clear distortion was experienced, due to the drivers old age.

So looking for a new fullrange driver, I came upon the DIY project above, and decided to give the SB Acoustics SB20FRPC30-8 a try.

I am do happy with this new driver. Side by side the Beta-8 it does a pretty good job. Again the bass range is well served by the horn cabinet.

Can only recommend this new SB Acoustics driver - not expensive at all.



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Dear nandappe.

Thank you for your kind reply. As you inspired me to try the SB20FRPC30-8, I just wanted to share my experience.

Yes, you are probably fully correct in regards to the 40+ year old Beta8 drivers. I listened to them for some time, as I got the cabinets completed.
And the sound was very crisp nuanced throughout most of the spectrum. The driver is sensitive to off-axis listening; especially for the high frequency. The bass range was clearly improved by the cabinet; and it has been capable of playing quit loudly continuously for several hours.
But as described; distortion have now been identified at specific midtone ranges.

As I was looking for a new driver; I was recommended the drivers from Tang; Tang Band W8-2145 (150€) and the W8-1808 (300€) - but both drivers are to deep for the cabinet. And far too expensive for my current budget,
Then I checked Dayton Audio PS220-8 (200€) - which seems perfect for the job; also with a very nice finish.
And finally I checked Markaudio Alpair-12P (140€) - without finding any projects or reviews.

As I have had very good experiences with drivers from SB Acoustics, I decided to give the SB20FRPC30-8 driver a try, after reading about your project above.

The SB20FRPC30-8 driver is far cheaper than the above ones. But therefore also tempting to purchase; just for experimenting.
And I must say I'm quite surprised how well it performs. Above price as you stated; I completely agree.
It can perform at very loud levels too; with out any distortion at all. The bass range is still acceptable; and the of-axis listening is much better than the Beta8.
So no complaints until now.

I should like to try with the more narrower cabinet that you have posted here. It looks very nice and quite elegant, due to the narrow front.

I very much appreciate good sound and good loudspeakers - but I don't have a professional ear - nor am I comfortable with the engineering terms to describe the sound and listening experience. Just an amateur.
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