Satellites for new 5.1 system

Hi guys, i'm setting up a 5.1 channel system. Design and assembly of the Amps are complete. Its based on TDA7265 25W/ch chip. 25W/ch for front and rear satellites and 50W/ch(Bridge mode) for sub and center. TDA7439 for channel multiplexing and volume control functions. Now i have to set up the surround and center speakers and then move on to the sub design. Initially i've planned to get 6" full range for the surround and center and then make the enclosures. It should be available in bangalore. i'm can invest about 2.5k on the surround.So please suggest some drivers for my application.Thanks

Here are a few pics of my amp.

- Aravind


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Three questions immediately come to mind:
Why twice the power of L&R for center?
What L&R main speakers do you have (and can the center be the same)?
What units is the "2.5k" investment in?

I have always thought if my room had the proper right angle rear corners, to just cut an equilateral triangle baffle for a full-range (Tang-Band, I suppose) and mount it in the corner. Quick, easy, and stylish!
Why twice the power of L&R for center?
As i mentioned i'm using TDA7265 chipamp and its a stereo amp. i'm using 2 - TDA7265's for front and rear, 1 for sub in bridge mode since sub certainly requires more power. So instead of searching for a new single channel amp with similar rating as TDA7265, i used the same in bridged mode.

What L&R main speakers do you have (and can the center be the same)?
Right now i dont have any speakers. yea center could be the same.

What units is the "2.5k" investment in?
Obviously Indian Rupees, since i'm from india.


2007-12-13 9:48 pm
hi india guy!

everyone on this who knows about the fullrange driver is too much. but they cannot suggest you because they don't live in bangalore. they don't know what the drivers have to sell in bangalore. and they don't know about 2.5k = dollars?
can you tell them about these? and i wook(my mother is china) like to know with them.


Theater Requirements are Different

Left, Right and Center Loudspeakers should be identical; otherwise, across screen pans will not sound natural. The off-stage surrounds should match as well, but in many cases only an ambiance signal is present there. However you will have in and out of screen pans that will not sound natural if the speakers do not match those covering on screen sound. For subs recommend a minimum of two to minimize the effects of room acoustics and allow flexibility in setting the c/o frequency.