Sanyo spice models (or equivalents)


2005-06-04 7:37 pm

Does anyone have spice models for the following Sanyo transistors :-

2SA1016 (-120V, 50mA)
2SA1208 (-160V, 70mA)
2SA1209 (-160V, 140mA)
2SC2362 (120V, 50mA)
2SC2910 (160V, 70mA)
2SC2911 (160V, 140mA)

Alternatively, if you know of equivalent devices from other manufacturers (eg. Toshiba), which have spice models, that would also be very useful.


The BJT 2SA1016 has his substitute in the 2SA970. The complementary of the 2SA970 is the 2SC2240.

The BJT 2SC2362 has his substitute in the 2SC1775. The complementary of the 2SC1775 is the 2SA872.

For these items I have Spice models for you, I have more Japanese spice models but not the ones you asked for.

Interested? please mail me directly,

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Spice Models ---
very hard to find .. i needed them today (doing my 3T headphones amplifier)
... but I go search my audio files archives .. in my old harddrive
... is not imåossible .. I have downloaded tons of spice models, last year