Sanyo Boombox board


2006-02-19 8:15 am

Can anyone help here ?

I am awaiting delivery if the JVC Boombox. Idle hands could be a dangerous thing ! I have butchered an old Sanyo Boombox as a peek inside led me to believe that the same chips might have been in it. They are not, but the transport is easily detachable and a search for a data sheet, gave me the pin outs of the chip.

There is a dig out at pin 43 and a 16.9344 output pin at pin 58. I connect to which pin and ground ? There is another pin designated (Digital Filtering D/A Converter interface) I assume I ignore this ?


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You want dig out and digital ground. Before you go too far check and make sure there is no reason that this digital out would be disabled which would more likely if the boombox uses a separate micro-controller.

The output level will be whatever is typical of the logic family used and the supply voltage. (Probably cmos, so it depends on the supply voltage.)

For 3.3 V the divider resistors can be 110 and 243 which gives you very close to the standard 75 ohm out for spdif. You want a total output voltage of around 1Vpp..

For 5V supply use 348 and 90.9/93.1 ohms.