Sansui.. here we go, some vintage stuff.

I just picked up a pair of sansui sp1500's from a minister's son down the street, traded an aiwa cx-nmt50 for them. He threw in an onkyo TX-1500 reciever too, its mint. I love the tuner, sounds wonderful and has more than enough power to drive these speakers to high volume.

One woofer needs some help, the sounds intermittant and only works when I push it in and hold it. I think maybe an open coil or just a lead wire broken? Anyways, I was wondering when these speakers were made. I've seen some sources online that say around 1965-1966. Also, what are the specs for this system? besides power, which is listed as 60 watts max, Is that max or max RMS?

Any info on these would be very helpful! :)


well, I fixed the woofer.... er the coil that is. I had to remove the coil to do so, getting it back in wasnt the easyest. Well It was all great and all I had was liquid super glue to glue it to the cone and spider. Worked absolutly perfectly.....untill it seeped under the spider and stuck the coil :bawling:

Now I'm sure I need a new woofer. Anyone know where to get an original cheap besides ebay?
haha yeah. I noticed that, they take considerably less power than my marantz's to go louder. And jazz on them..mmmmm its nice. They also got heart pounding bass for rock. but no rap, some is just a little too low for these. Unfortunatly, the woofers on yours are different than mine , mine are the older sansuis. heres some pics.



(not mine)
I don't have the grilles for them, I gotta make some. Shouldn't be too hard though.

I found one woofer on ebay in great condition, but its 44 dollars, plus 15 dollars shipping. (thats what the pics of the woofer are from)