Sansui au x901 integrated amp

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I am an owner of a pristine Sansui au x901 integrated amp.
I have owned this amp since new and it has had very little use.
I did purchase this amp near 20 years ago with very little knowledge.
Can anyone shine some light on this amp.
Any information will be much appreciated.
the particular amp .....

is a very good amp

the main amplifier is a very good amplifier ....inside the amplifier boards you will find many many goodies and many many technologies that very well known amplifiers in this forum are using .....

BUT !!! this apply given as a fact that amp is working properly ....
after all these years there is a 100% chance that some of the components inside are faulty or having tolerance more than they supposed to .....( keep in mind that amplifier still play after that but how well you dont really know )

these componets are to be located and replaced also some of the componets could be replaced for something more high quality and WILL !!! give further improovemnts ....

the above section apply for the amplifier section ..... behind that there is a preamplifier section that more or less needs a good cleaning with proper material improovements in the secondary power supply and filter ( tone control ) section .

in conclusion since 501-901 and some more models are integrated amps .... and from real life tests ...this is an amplifier that eventhough includes so many switches pots and electronics before the amplifier seems that is a very well designed device resulting that the preamplifier has relativelly litle negative effect while connected with with the main amp .... and compaired with other integrated amps of the same grade .....

normally integrated amps are out of the question when you talk about hi end devices, but not this one really ...... what i am trying to say is that at least this one is closer to high end than many others.....

if you have the ability to seperate pre and main amp you will understand what i am talking about ....

my recomentation is update the amp and keep it will provide you with 20 years of sweet powerfull sound
sansui aux901

i purchased my unit second hand but still it is almost mint. it had a small problem that was a cable burned out, but this was changed and upgraded to make sure the link was fixed for good.

my changes are
i actually never turn the amp of, if u go away turn of the speakers and monthly run a densen demagnetiseing frequency sweep through it. this will take away the magnetic build up on any components safely.

re did the power cable and the iec silver.

the ground was redone silver and the balanced connections as well.

all connections striped with deoxit

unit serviced by an established company.

source direct always on with loudness

dnm speaker cable used

and reference silver interconnects.

on a dedicated target audio stand seperated by adjustable spikes, also a marble base on that with the amp resting on that.

what has been the feedback, beautiful looking amp, very good sounstage if partnered with sensitive speakers. ran with a sony transport which has a dedicated out so used only as a transport to a benchmark dac 1 through again a silver spdif cable then silver cabling in unbalanced mode.

useing non reference material as in ambient , rock and hiphop genres, the amp gave a very detailed sound not forgiveing at all, useing reference material it was slightly still unforgiveing in the treble area but gave you such an insight into each recording(good for mastering)

the mid band was very true in instrument retrivel of information yet there was a lack still that an audiophile amp would give you.

bass was very taught tuneful and flippin tight chest registring movemnet and makeing sure i knew what time it was.

over all this is the unit pretty much in its non tweaked mode, if the capaciters and the resisters were upgraded to panasonic black gate amoungst other things like op amp then you would see a veil lifted from the whole range of frequencys telling you a very truthful rendition of what was recorded.

i got mine for 320. at this price i am very happy and will be selling it on to a friend a very close friend. what's replaceing it? pioneer A-09 if i can get one. otherwise so far very good.
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