Sansui AU 7700

Recently came across this vinatge Sansui AU 7700 integrated amp from the late 70s. For what it is from that period of time is very impressive. Good build quality and the sound is spectacular.

Anyway have decided to keep it. However looking to get rid of those spring loaded speaker connectors and hopefully replace with something that can accept spades/banana connections.

Anyone out there ever try this mod? If so straightforward or some hassels along the way.

Many Thanks.:)


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I've had both the 7700 and it's bigger brother, the 7900. The mod is fairly straightforward, but you will need to make a small plate of sorts (pexiglass or something similar) in order to hold the new connectors, while being fastened to the existing cut-out on the chasis and it's associated screw holes. There is a fair amount of space underneeth so you should have no problems there.
Both the 7700 and the 7900 sound quite good, and can slund really good with some judicious mods (like cap and semi changes). One thing that makes a rather big impact to the better but is a bit difficult to implement is replacing the input dual transistors in the power amp with similar parts that do not have an internally connected emitter terminal, so that emitter degeneration can be used. On a 7900 I tweaked this way I used standard discrete transistors that were paired, and just put resistors 'in line' with the emitter terminals. Works great...
Thanks for the follow up on the Sansui AU 7700 speaker post modification. That certainly seems straight forward enough for me.

As for the othe modification info, that will have to be done, by someone that has better eyesight and steadier hands than me.

At 65 now, my major DIY days are far behind me. Simple things like the speaker mod and other simple mods, I can still handle

I thank you very much for the time to reply to this post, it is most appreciated.:D